You've purchased your plane tickets, secured the hotel reservations, and completed check-in. The last thing on your list is packing! Planning outfits is a task that can leave the most experienced traveler in awe. 

LPC Co-Founder, Melony, shares her style advice and packing list to help you up your travel style and get ready without the stress.

Daring Looks, Packing Light, and Loving Travel

Q: What was your favorite travel destination for a girls' or family trip? 
A: "My favorite girls' trip was to Turks and Caicos! I plan to make many more with my eyes on Greece, Ibiza, Barcelona, and Lake Como. Of course, I cannot go with my girlfriends enough to Napa and Sonoma Valley. Dressing up for wine outings, sunshine, good food, and conversation is the best!"

Q: What makes for the perfect travel outfit?
A: "COMFORT, STYLE, AND VERSATILITY. I must be able to coordinate garments for more than one wear and use the same shoes for multiple outfits to minimize the number of shoes to pack. Trust me, space in the bag is critical to calculate."


Q: How would you describe your style compared to your travel looks? 
A. "I take risks regarding my personal style by blending trendy with classic styles. I love animal prints and all-black looks when traveling, but I cannot live without a pop of color."

Q: Packing tips: Do you travel light, and why?
A: "I travel often and have learned to travel light. When I pack a large suitcase, I do not wear most of the outfits I bring. Instead, I tend to buy "travel outfits" and keep my other looks that are not as versatile at home for date nights. I travel light because I prefer to skip baggage claims to save time, crowds, and chance of lost luggage! Also, dragging heavy baggage is work, and I prefer to minimize the difficulties to maximize enjoyment!"

Q: What are three of your travel must-haves? 
A: 1. I always travel with one-pieces such as dresses or jumpsuits because they pack nicely with little space and make outfit decision-making easy. They are essentials that can always be dressed up or down for day-to-night functionality. Sometimes they are so comfortable that you can sleep in them, eliminating the need to pack pajamas!

2. I always take two easy jackets - leather or suede and a denim jacket. They go with everything and add style.

3. Hats are a must-have when traveling! I have my favorite bucket hat and a baseball cap on every trip I take to make hairstyling easy and add style to my travel wardrobe as needed!


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