Meet Tayo, fashion entrepreneur and creator of the Wonder Woman Initiative.

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

I like to identify myself as a graceful human who is a Fashion & Social Entrepreneur. 

My journey began with a fascination for the human mind and the transformative power of creativity. From a young age, pageantry and fashion (including an apprenticeship with a men’s wear brand at 14) nurtured these passions. Modeling further broadened my perspective, exposing me to diverse cultures and igniting a deep empathy for others. From Nigeria to South Africa, China, New York, and finally Miami, fashion became a doorway to growth and resilience.

When I settled in Miami in 2010, fashion design became my canvas. However, my purpose evolved towards amplifying women’s voices through design and storytelling. This led to the creation of the Wonder Woman Initiative (WWI) in 2018 – a platform that ignites positive change through community-driven projects and events.

By curating experiences that amplify women's unique talents and voices, WWI strives to unleash a ripple effect of transformation. My dual background in Organizational Psychology and Fashion & Social Entrepreneurship allows me to design intentional and impactful experiences for women, both individually and within our community.

As a Fashion & Social Entrepreneur, I'm passionate about using fashion as a "mission field," particularly for women navigating challenges or seeking to rebuild their lives. This aligns with my broader focus on helping talented career women thrive through personal and professional obstacles.

In essence, I am a weaver of purpose.  My experiences have shaped me to create positive transformations for myself and others, through fashion, psychology, and the power of community.

What's something our audience would be surprised to learn about you?

While a significant portion of my work involves interacting with audiences, both small and large, I identify more as an introvert at heart. Through dedication and experience, I've developed superhuman skills to confidently connect with people – something that wasn't as natural for me earlier.  My introverted nature still seeks solace in quiet reflection, but my passion for the work I do fuels my ability to step outside my comfort zone.

What is your go-to style this year?

For my go-to style this year, I’m embracing comfort and versatility. I'm gravitating towards soft, flowy pieces that offer both comfort and style. Garments like La Peony's artisanal silk poncho perfectly capture this essence. With a potentially busy year ahead, I want to prioritize pieces that are comfortable yet elegant – easily dressed up with accessories for formal occasions and equally stylish for everyday errands.

What are you best known for?

I believe I am best known for my work in fashion, using it as a vehicle for positive change. My passion lies in creating ecosystems for women to find and fulfill purpose, receive hope, gain support, and find courage within community, all while expressing themselves through style.

Favorite Wardrobe Piece from the LPC Looks in Miami? 

Ah!!! Definitely the Artisanal Silk Poncho in natural heavy weave, as well as the blue ombré

What's next for Wonder Woman Initiative?

We have a lot lined up for this year! We'll be hosting a series of smaller community events to keep our community engaged throughout the year. Additionally, during Art Basel this year, we're excited to premiere a documentary series featuring amazing women making an impact. And of course, planning for Women's Fashion and Design Week #2 (2025) is already underway. 

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