In the world of fashion, staying abreast of trends is paramount to staying in the public's favor. The challenge of keeping up with the future of design and fitting into the market is an everyday endeavor. For LPC, one of our most important values is to follow these trends with an avant-garde but responsible approach, especially social responsibility that we tangibly experience in our connection with our artisans and their beautiful work.

Cristina top

LPC's Artisanal Consultant, Cristina wears the LPC embroidery top while she interviews María Magdalena González (Mary), 53 years old. Mary is head of the workshop & artisan group leader with 25 years of experience as an embroidery artisan.


In various pieces that LPC offers, there's a piece of this social impact, and our new collection is no exception. This Spring, as the warmth invites women to wear lightweight clothing and seek fabrics that provide them with freshness and comfort while looking beautiful and fashionable, our upcoming collection is not the exception. In these LPC pieces, we combine the traditions of embroidery from San Antonio Castillo Velasco, which we discussed in previous blogs, with contemporary designs in sustainable bamboo linen, aiming for every woman to have a unique piece in her wardrobe that she can wear regularly.

Bamboo Linen Top


You'll see the modern touch in a sexy top that contours every woman's figure while displaying high-quality handmade embroidery that preserves culture and traditions in fashionable colors, such as reds and pinks on a black linen base. We are preparing new monochromatic designs and cheerful blue combinations that give the collection the perfect touch, not only to match each other but also with other pieces that LPC offers. 

Black Top



Meet The Cristina Strapless Top
Introducing a chic and comfortable strapless top that effortlessly combines style and ease. This gently snug garment features exquisite artisanal embroidery adorning the front, adding a touch of artistry to your look. The top showcases a beautifully crafted ruffle on both the front and back, elevating its feminine appeal. For added convenience, the full back of this top is designed with elastic shirring. This not only ensures a perfect fit but also provides ease when putting it on or taking it off. Embrace the perfect blend of fashion and comfort with this uniquely crafted strapless top.
Cristina Top

Written by Alma Cristina Gómez Macfarland

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