Welcome to the La Peony collective. As you adorn yourself each day, remember: you belong to a sacred community of women wholeheartedly committed to nourishing the enduring seed of beauty planted inside each of us. Blossom fearlessly - for when we insist on blooming into ourselves, we uplift one another.

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  • "La Peony is slow fashion at its best. We focus on quality over quantity, ensuring that each limited-production piece stands the test of time, wear after wear. Our collections carry a message: that kindness toward the earth and its people can coexist with sophisticated, confident style as you capture life’s every precious moment." 

    - Melony Huber

  • Get to know Melony

    Place of Origin:
    Orange, CA

    Number of Children:
    3 (one son and
    twin daughters)

    Best Known For:
    Laughter & Creativity

    Fave Wardrobe Piece:

    Fave Getaway:
    Napa, Los Cabos, San Diego.
    Narrowed to 1? Cabo!

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