The Bamboo Linen Collection in Key Largo

Muse: Daniela Galo
By: Dimitry Loiseau

The Streets of Paris

Muse: Valerie Kinley
By Dimitry Loiseau
Hair + Makeup: Claire Villard

Estate in San Diego

Muse: Teresa Powell
By Dimitry Loiseau

Peony Fields of Jackson Hole

Muses: Melony Huber & DeNesha Anderson
By Dimitry Loiseau

Vineyard in Temecula

Muses: Chantelle Malarkey & Elizabeth Ashley
By Dimitry Loiseau

Los Angeles Penthouse

Muses: Stephanie Stock & Liz Moss
By Dimitry Loiseau

Estate in Malibu

Muses: Natalia Lalonde, Holly Owens and Sophie Jaffe
By Angela Peterman