Having just partnered with us on the La Primera capsule collection imagery, Angela shares the inspiration behind a decade of work with global names like People, Vogue, and Marc Jacobs Beauty. 


After all of the thoughtful effort that went into our first-edition limited La Primera capsule collection, we knew we needed to find just the right photographer to capture the exquisite magic of these iconic sustainable fashion pieces. Our pick: Angela Peterman. She is known for her visionary work with global brands like Nordstrom, Marc Beauty, and L’Oreal. Based in bustling Los Angeles, Angela is a vital part of international style campaigns for media juggernauts like O Magazine, In Style, and Vogue.com, not to mention the world’s tastemakers in music, film, fashion, food, and more. We vibed with her energy immediately and could not be more proud of our finished work together. 



Here, De Anne and I offer a peek inside Angela’s journey, sharing the unique perspective and approach of a sought-after professional photographer.

De Anne: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Originally from Virginia, I moved to Southern California in my teens. I fell in love with the beauty of billboards, magazines, and photography, so I spent high school shooting for the yearbook while taking darkroom photography classes. By 18 years old, I moved to Santa Barbara to develop my skills at the Brooks Institute of Photography. Fifteen years later, I am still so in love with content creation. I feel beyond proud and grateful that I have been able to build a fulfilling career around my passion. 

Melony: Describe your style of photography and your aesthetic.

My style is influenced by so many different sources. I studied the classics like Irving Penn and Herb Ritts growing up and now draw inspiration from photographers like Annie Leibovitz and Mario Testino. While my style doesn’t look quite like any of those photographers, I definitely gained insight into new techniques from all of them. As a brand and campaign photographer, my style is often colorful, playful, youthful, and what I consider a very “feminine aesthetic.”



Melony: What did you enjoy most about working with us and our brand?

How amazing to see a brand launched by two fabulous women! I can tell you have been besties for many years - your trust and support for each other are undeniable. Thank you for sharing that same supportive leadership with me and my team every step of the way. You fully trusted us to capture your vision, and the results speak for themselves!

De Anne: Can you walk us through your average day on set?

Every day on set is different, but they all have one thing in common: pre-production! It’s the days of planning beforehand that you don’t see which drive the on-set shooting days toward success. When we first arrive, I like to post up our printed mood boards and shot lists to review them one last time. We finalize the order of images and then get the first shot set up. For me, a typical shoot runs for about 10 hours with an hour of set up in the morning and typically 30 minutes of breakdown at the end. It’s amazing to work alongside other creatives; that's what makes set days the best part of my job.

Melony: What are your top three memorable moments from the LPC photoshoot?

A few days before the shoot, I came out to scout the location with our amazing producer, Hannah McGough. The property owner showed us around in her special Gator cart, following the long dirt roads deep into the Malibu Canyons. Cursing in her adorable English accent, she made fun of us for being nervous and told us we needed to toughen up. It was hilarious. She used to shoot professional photography, as well, so I loved connecting with her and hearing her story. You wouldn’t know it from the photos, but there was a terrible heatwave in Los Angeles during the week of our shoot. We had to get through every look very quickly, because the models were wearing cozy sustainable hemp fleece - breathable but too many layers for hundred-degree heat. Despite the weather, everyone worked together to get the perfect shots. There was so much camaraderie in helping to keep one another cool, and that is one of the most memorable parts for me.



De Anne: What is the best thing about being a photographer, specifically in the fashion industry?

The best part is getting to work with so many beautifully creative minds. I am so grateful for and inspired by all of the visionaries with whom I get to work.

Melony: Does traveling inspire your work? Why?

Always. When I travel, I do my best to put the phone in airplane mode and become absorbed by the culture. I bring back inspiration from every trip, big or small. 


Angela traveling in bali


Melony: You've been published in Elle, People, and Vogue (to name a few). Have you ever worked closely with a sustainable fashion brand?  

I am full of deep gratitude and respect for brands that go the extra mile to promote sustainability. I am lucky enough to work with many sustainable brands, and I definitely make every effort to honor their values and story when creating their content.

De Anne: What does sustainability in women's fashion mean to you?

According to a 2020 Forbes article, around 30-40% of every apparel product will remain unsold and ultimately end up in a landfill. We must all be aware and more conscious of our purchases and support the brands that support our environment. It is not easy to be sustainable - it costs more and it can be inconvenient, but brands like La Peony are choosing to prioritize the planet over profits. It’s our job as consumers to make the better choice, too. Simply reducing those fast fashion purchases makes a big difference! 

Shop the limited La Primera capsule collection online, featuring sustainable wardrobe essentials that fit and flatter. Discover Angela’s groundbreaking work @angela_peterman. Follow @la_peony_clothing on Instagram to see her beautiful imagery from our Malibu shoot. 


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