Aside from her numerous accomplishments, Chantelle Hartman Malarkey is also renowned for inspiring others to follow their dreams and transforming every space into its most beautiful version. A lover of all things beautiful, she believes love is in the details and great style is a way of life. In order to become a master at life, Chantelle has made it her mission to be a life alchemist.  She has been an exclusive interior design consultant for some of the most prestigious homes in San Diego since 2015.

Her eye for beauty shines in every masterpiece she creates, no matter how big or small. The pursuit of beauty has been her lifelong profession, having graduated from school to become a photographer. Photography gave her the tools she needed to capture everything. Besides high-end fashion sets, Chantelle's portfolio includes design, food, and beauty and lifestyle shots. In addition to her keen eye for fashion, she is a local San Diego fashion influencer/celebrity who shares the best looks for every occasion, regardless of budget.  She developed her passion for food, cooking, and living a healthy lifestyle after spending time in the kitchen and learning from a celebrity chef, creating a balance of healthy dishes and creative options, along with her favorite foods. She is truly a hostess with the mostest, catering to every home need, complementing her natural abilities for excellence, while inspiring a local and national audience of more than 100k! Chantelle serves as a powerful voice for women around the world for staying connected to your dreams, always leading with kindness and compassion - toward yourself most of all. 

Chantelle was one of our featured models in a recent LPC shoot. We had the chance to sit down with her and ask some questions about her career journey and tips for success. She shared some sweet words: 

“The vineyard where the shoot took place was absolutely breathtaking. The stunning backdrop of the vineyard combined with the beautiful clothing and positive energy of the team created an unforgettable experience. It was a good day indeed!

I can't thank the La Peony team enough for the opportunity to be part of this shoot. Their gratifying and empowering nature made me feel like a part of the family. The entire team is truly talented and dedicated to their craft. I was honored to be part of such a fabulous team and can't wait to see the photos from the shoot.

Overall, this was an experience that I will cherish for a lifetime. The beauty of the vineyard combined with the stunning La Peony clothing and the positive energy of the team made for an unforgettable day. I would highly recommend La Peony to anyone looking for high-quality, beautifully designed, and comfortable clothing."




Tell us what inspired you to start your career journey?
I first discovered my deepest passion at an early age when I received my first camera and began offering photo shoots to family and friends. I later completed a degree in film studies before perfecting my elevated style approach in the exciting worlds of interior design, fashion, and more. As I entered motherhood and took on my most fulfilling role yet, I embraced a more disciplined means of nurturing my own creative energy. I realized it was still possible to have it all - but it would take courage, determination, and mindfulness.

Tell us how you built your success.
Whether it’s starting a business, trying something new, or getting back into an old hobby, success is never simple. The real tragedy lies in never trying at all. As living proof that it’s never too late to find success by following your dreams. I wanted to pave the way for others who seek not just a full life but a fulfilled one. Sharing tips for nurturing a success mindset in today’s fast-paced society, my ultimate goal has been to empower others to create their own uniquely beautiful life. 

The Artisanal Silk V-Neck Dress in Pink

What would you say to someone trying to find their way and find their niche?If you want to build the life of your dreams, you have to be intentional. If you’re not careful, you can go from being someone’s daughter to someone’s wife to someone’s mom and never truly discover your passion - your version of success.

What are the things that gratify you?
Of all the hats I wear, the most important and most gratifying role is being a mother. Spending time with my kids, my son, Hunter, and twins, Miles and Sailor, along with my playful Weimaraners, Stella and Scout. They fill my heart and give me a reason to wake up and be the best person I can be, to excel and grow, and to be a positive role model. I have them to learn from and show them that hard work pays off. 

I tend to think of my blog and social media like a journal. I am able to share personal insights on mind-body wellness, nutrition, self-care, cooking, design, parenting tips and more with a signature lighthearted perspective to inspire others. I love styling and designing to create flawless spaces, and I enjoy exploring and gaining inspiration in my own backyard, the picturesque landscape of San Diego surroundings.

What are lessons you have learned throughout your career and life that you can share with our audience?
Follow your dreams at any age, it’s never too late to set your intentions in life. Age does not define you, your dreams and passions are still there and within plainsite once you start peeling back your layers – a wife, a mother, a daughter; when you are ready to take those leaps of faith and focus on what you truly want and start taking care of yourself and your needs, your internal light starts to shine though and you start gaining your confidence and inspiration back.  

I only recently started focusing on myself and my business. My kids are getting old enough to where they don’t need me all the time, and I am able to design, style, cook, and connect with others in my community to grow my network and social connection back. I’m able to set personal goals, and achieve them, and keep setting new milestones and affirmations to grow my opportunities.

I believe every experience makes you who you are today, you gain more confidence, come to terms with your mistakes and learn from your lessons , the more you learn about yourself, and what truly makes you happy is when your life starts falling into place.

Describe your daily hustle:
Living the fast-paced life of a full-time mom, photographer, designer, food enthusiast, and influencer, I blaze the trail for others who seek to live not just a full life but a deeply fulfilling one. Sharing real moments from motherhood plus my approach to radiant style, uplifted wellness, and elevated design, it’s a fabulous reminder that in order to make others happy, you need to first care for yourself. I take others where my innermost passions may go, always leading with kindness, compassion, and mindfulness to all. 

What made you take the leap to start your own business?
Believing in myself,  feeling confident, knowing my creative energy comes naturally and my authentic knack for design is inspiring to others. Being a woman and extenuating curves, skin color, is so beautiful, I think. If I can empower others to be bold, be comfortable in their own skin, and to look at life in a different light that inspires them, I know this is my true calling.

We always learn the most from our mistakes, share a time with us that you made a mistake or had a challenging time in business and what you learned from it?
Not taking the time to believe in myself. Putting your energy into someone else, putting yourself last, and giving someone else all of your gifts. Don’t give all yourself to someone else, you need to be happy to make your family happy - what drives you, what you love, will open the doors, be your own muse and don’t let anyone else take that from you, get grounded. Go from your highest vibration, tighten your bubble, make real authentic relationships - not being creative - mom - don't hide in the shadows, always known as someone's wife, someone's mom, someone's boss, but you need to be known as your true authentic self - build each other up.

What's something our audience would be surprised to learn about you?
I am a Midwest girl, when I was young I was a tomboy, loved sports, athletic and very competitive. 

What are your tips for success?
Now, having done the legwork to build a beautiful life from the ground-up, five key principles that guide my success include:

  1. Don’t put yourself last. In order to make others happy, you must first make yourself happy. No matter how many demands are made on your time, don’t forget to include your own self-care and to consistently search out your passions. 
  2. Find your own unique beauty. You can feel just as beautiful in high-top sneakers as you can in six-inch heels. Beautiful style doesn’t require millions of dollars. Find what feels good for you.  
  3. Keep it real. Never forget where you came from. You never know what others are struggling with, so always lead with kindness and compassion. 
  4. Start with the right mental attitude. Progress is often blocked by negative emotions or beliefs. Before you begin the day, start with meditation and gratitude. Get your mind in the right place to accept success. 
  5. Treat your body well. Schedule regular workouts and make sure to get the right nutrients throughout the day. Your body is your temple, and you’ll get much farther by treating it right.
How do you  stay productive and focused? How do you keep your mind and body healthy?

I am an early bird. I start my day early, drink my favorite instant coffee (GetSuper) and sit and enjoy the peace. I take time to write down my daily  goals and intentions for the day. If you complete just one, you’re winning. Don't feel guilty for not completing all of your tasks, there’s always tomorrow.

I don’t watch much TV, I am more of a music person. I love pumping music in the house, mostly songs I can relate to or sing to really  inspire and motivate me. I always schedule workouts for the week which include a yoga sculpt class, I go to sunset cliffs in La Jolla, San Diego to meditate,  it really helps set my mood.  Occasionally I'll run the stairs. I  love changing my work-out environments, there’s something about hearing the waves, and the ocean nature in the morning. It gets you out of your own head, looking out at the ocean, you realize all of your problems are not that big in comparison to the ocean and how big our world truly is.

I try to stay focused on what’s important. I journal along with writing my blog and sharing on my social platforms. It helps with being more mindful. I try to do more breathwork, take time to react, practice quantum crystal renaissance healing, sound healing, and crystal wavelengths which help align your chakras.

Where can our audience find you and get inspired? 
My blog  and IG @ChantelleMalarkey

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