As a celebrated Latina powerhouse, Nina Vargas also has a global reputation as a business strategy and celebrity strategist for beauty, fitness, and fashion brands. She is also editor-in-chief of LA Fashion Magazine and selected La Peony Clothing Founder Melony Huber to grace the cover of their March Edition. We asked her to share her fascinating success story with us. 

Vargas earned her diverse and valuable skillset as a talent acquisition specialist for some of the world’s largest established brands - including Armani, Steve Madden, Jones Group, Kenneth Cole,, and more - in addition to serving as the Director of Operations for a major New York-based fashion platform. 

More recently, Vargas’ portfolio features projects with Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Mexico, AEG Women in Entertainment, plus additional exciting partnerships still in development. Throughout each venture, Vargas maintains focus on an overarching mission to break industry stigmas by supporting noteworthy brands both big and small, helping to level the playing field for extraordinary newcomers who seek to make an impact on an expanding global market. Learn more at Follow on Instagram @ninabvargas for industry insider footage and the latest West Coast style inspo.



Tell us a little bit about yourself.
In everything I do, I put my heart and soul into it - being aware of what others need and how I can help them get there. The focus of my work is to shift how we do business so that we understand that stories can sometimes be more valuable than dollars. Whether it be in the world or with a single individual, the impact can be truly amazing - and the heart that supports any initiative can truly make a difference.

Describe your style.
Although I tend to go against the status quo for reactionary reasons, I prefer to go against it for comfort reasons rather than for reactionary reasons. It is not uncommon for me to wear my pajamas (often) to events, but I style them up so that it is not obvious that I am wearing my jammies, but I am in full comfort. The next day I wear lingerie, slacks, and stilettos.

My go to look is boyfriend jeans, sneakers and a long sleeve T. I also add a wingliner and style my hair. I call this COMFORT CHIC.

Can you walk us through an average day for you at LA Fashion Mag?
The day is never the same for me. I wake up around 730 after sleeping at 3/4am. I make coffee, hug my dog and check my emails. While using my treadmill, I would run a few miles, catch up on my threads, shower (birdie showers are real!) and then send emails, phone calls, and strategy reviews. While I occasionally do editorials and meet with clients, strategy and analytics are the majority of my BT work. In my opinion, the reason it changes up so much is because it is shifting from brand category focuses to brand focuses as each brand has its own market and focus.

My best day is usually Saturday, because it's the only night I can breathe a bit. International partners are usually off (it's Sunday) and domestic partners are enjoying their weekend. Therefore, I have the option of breathing and relaxing or breathing and catching up (I usually choose the latter).

What are your top three memorable moments from your career?
With $500 to my name, I moved to New York with no job and tried to figure it out - and I did. I still tell myself I can, and to always work like there's only $5 to my name. 

I knew I was doing it right, when a client asked me to leave my company to work with them only. The money was insane, but I knew in my gut I shouldn't - best decision ever if you ask me. And they are still a client of mine now.

As someone who came from the corporate world, I knew that the culture it created was not good for morale, so I set out to build my business doing everything people fear. To this day, that decision is the most fulfilling for me. My team is my family, and I rely on them as such. It's not always about money, but more about the memories we make and the impact we create. There may be a perception that I am fake by not doing things like "corporate" does, and just saying good - I am not.

What is the best thing about being an entrepreneur, specifically in the fashion industry?
Fashion as well as Beauty (they go hand in hand) are constantly evolving. Offering a space for anyone, it allows freedom of expression. A style is defined by one's vision, and how you market it is determined by your vision. Yes, there are certain standards that are accepted, but there is always room to introduce new things. That's how things keep changing. 

Does traveling inspire your work? Why?
Although I enjoy seeing and meeting new people, I do not always do it because commuting can be draining (to be transparent). However, when I travel, I like to learn about what makes the area I am in exciting, in addition to seeing people I know. The only way I can connect with everyone is to go to where locals go and find out what makes each place special, rather than just go where tourists go. This allows me to learn and connect with everyone. 

What does sustainability in women's fashion mean to you?
The word means heart and future - it means that a brand has taken it upon themselves to create a brand/collection that is conscious of the production and ethical, then also thinking about the people involved. 

Definitely not a "Profit" thing as we all know sustainable fashion is not cheap. But knowing they are focused to reduce the environmental footprint  means they are being mindful of creating a better tomorrow. 

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