Kristina Lynch

Kristina is wearing the Caroline Jumpsuit in Cream and the Teresa Lambskin Trench

Meet Kristina Lynch, the beautiful and captivating model from our December photoshoot. We couldn't think of a person more deserving to embrace her beauty and blossom during our recent shoot. She has found a new purpose in life and is living beyond grief. Read on to hear more about how Kristina is preparing for her upcoming wedding and living life with intention.

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

Growing up in Southern California friends and family would say to me “you’re so tall and thin, you should be a model.” In 6th grade we had to go in front of the class and tell everyone what we wanted to be when we grew up and I said a fashion model. The class busted out laughing. Already being painfully shy, that kind of broke my spirit. When I was 15/16 my mom enrolled me in a modeling school, and I loved it! In my 20’s I went to Sebastian to get my hair done and was asked to be a training studio model. Met amazing people and had a wonderful time but never had the confidence to pursue anything. When Ale’ asked if I’d be interested in doing a shoot for LPC I said absolutely! Love love love the brand and its mission. So, thank you Mel and Ale’ for giving my life a boost and making a lifelong dream come true.

I’m a Southern California girl who has an entrepreneurial spirit. My dream is to open my own boutique here where I live in the Conejo Valley. Currently I run an online boutique, Blessings From Cambria, inspired by the five years my husband and I lived on the Central Coast. I’m a recent widow having lost my husband Joe suddenly in 2022. It has been a traumatic experience, but I am now beginning to really embrace life again. A few months ago, a gentle, kind and loving man entered my life to walk alongside me in my grief. Dustin and I are getting married January 2024.

 Denim trouser and blazer set

Kristina is wearing the Ginny Denim Blazer and Embellished Trouser.

Our 2024 resolution is all about self-love. How do you tap into self-love and take time for yourself? What advice would you give other women?

The best advice I can give to take care of oneself is to slow down and live intentionally. Losing my husband has been a very humbling experience and taught me to drink every single moment in. Time with the people I love is so precious and simply time out and about really seeing people and seeking to encourage them is a high priority for myself now. My plans to take better care of myself in 2024 are to do the things that fill me up the most when life gets so busy. My favorite thing to do is be outside in nature. Hiking, camping, swimming, and gardening are all top of my list. Also, monthly beauty treatments. With the wedding quickly approaching, I have been going for facials, massages, waxing and mani/pedis more regularly and realize how relaxing and uplifting it is to do.

What is your go-to style this year? Your must-have pieces? How will you wear LPC this Spring?

My go to style this year are classic pieces that make up a core outfit but can be mixed and matched to dress up or more casually. LPC’s Essential Embellished Denim Trouser and Ginny Denim Blazer are must have pieces for my 2024 wardrobe. The trouser is so classic yet has the floral peek a boo print giving it a fun flirty look. The Caroline jumpsuit is another excellent piece that is so comfy yet sophisticated. Another must have for Spring!

As a model how do you overcome the standard of beauty pressure? What are your tips for feeling good from the inside out?

The standard of beauty has always been relative to what I feel most comfortable in. I don’t generally adopt trends but gravitate more towards what pleases my eye and is fun to wear. As a child my dad would take me thrifting and as a teen it became my favorite way to find unique clothing. My favorite pieces were always vintage, well made, and classic. I’ve never really been into fast fashion and find that well-made clothing is very much worth the cost now that I’m no longer a broke teenager!

Feeling good from the inside out has so much to do with what we put into our bodies, minds, and spirit. Eating healthy whole nutritious foods, drinking filtered water, exercising and prayer and meditation are all key ingredients to feeling good.

Favorite getaway?

My favorite getaway is road trips! I love being in the car heading out early in the morning to an exciting new or favorite location. Driving up the coast is so refreshing to my spirit. The beauty of the coastline and being away from crowds on an open road is thrilling to me. Cambria will always be my most favorite place to visit now that I no longer live there. Many wonderful friends reside in that sweet little town and I love to visit them as often as possible.

What's something our audience would be surprised to learn about you?

I love to write. It’s something I use to do often. In high school I wrote poetry and lamentations of life. In fact, I was Goth in high school, loved to wear black, was very morose and serious. I met Joe online and my handle was girl next door. When he found out I use to be Goth, he started calling me goth next door! Seems I’ve gone completely the opposite direction. I love to laugh and goof around as much as possible, and I love colorful outfits now.

Denim Trench

Kristina is wearing the Alexandra Denim Trench 

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