From start-up to fashion force, discover how La Peony's ethical initiatives are reshaping the industry.

Embarking on a remarkable journey of elegance, purpose, and empowerment, La Peony Clothing, the brainchild of visionary entrepreneur Melony Huber, stands proudly at the forefront of the fashion world as it celebrates its momentous one-year anniversary. With a captivating blend of captivating design and unwavering commitment to ethical brand initiatives, LPC has transcended expectations, catapulting from a mere start-up into an unstoppable force in the industry. This anniversary marks a testament to the brand's resolute dedication to its core values, fostering a legacy of success, philanthropy, and the empowerment of women artisans. In just twelve short months, La Peony has not only revolutionized the fashion landscape but has also set an extraordinary example of how a start-up can grow while staying true to its ethical roots.

Melony with models
Wearing the Limited Edition Artisanal Silk Collection and the Chelsea Stretch Terry Dress.

LPC's rise to prominence is a testament to the dedication and passion of not only Melony Huber but also her exceptional team. Together, they have nurtured the brand, turning it into a symbol of elegance, sustainability, and inclusivity. The team has grown exponentially, comprising talented individuals who share a collective vision of empowering women artisans and revolutionizing the world of fashion.

From its inception, LPC has captivated audiences with its meticulously crafted designs that pay homage to the exceptional craftsmanship of female artisans. The La Primera Capsule Collection, a true embodiment of this vision, showcases La Peony's commitment to sustainability, featuring versatile wardrobe essentials made with luxurious fabrics and exquisite, artisan-crafted accents. Each piece is named after remarkable women who have inspired the founder's journey, adding a personal touch to the collection's timeless appeal.

Building on this success, LPC introduced its highly anticipated Spring/Summer 2023 capsule collection. The Cotton Terry Collection showcases the brand's dedication to eco-friendly fashion, with ethically sourced fabrics and artisan-crafted accents. Meanwhile, the forthcoming Denim Collection incorporates lightweight sustainable materials, offering two dress styles and a sleeveless hoodie jumpsuit. These collections epitomize the essence of contemporary gardens in bloom, allowing wearers to radiate feminine confidence on any occasion.

LPC's commitment to making a positive impact extends beyond fashion. The brand has formed strategic partnership’s with organizations such as Kidsave, a renowned nonprofit organization dedicated to helping older kids in foster care find loving forever families. Through initiatives such as Weekend Miracles and Summer/Winter Miracles, LPC has played a pivotal role in connecting these children with adoptive families, providing them with the love and support they deserve.

Melony Huber, the heartfelt and compassionate founder of La Peony, expressed her enthusiasm for the brand's remarkable achievements. "The growth and success of La Peony in just one year have surpassed our wildest dreams. We are immensely proud of the strides we've made in empowering women artisans and promoting sustainable fashion. Our dedicated team, alongside our valued partners and customers, has been instrumental in this incredible journey. Together, we are creating a community of empowered women who uplift and support one another."

Melony is wearing the Daniela Lambskin Blazer in Black and the Essential Ruby Ruffle Skirt.

LPC recently launched a series of exclusive pop-up events that offer an authentic behind-the-scenes experience. These events provide an opportunity for the community to connect with the brand and witness firsthand the passion and vision of Melony Huber. Attendees have the chance to explore the intricacies of LPC's designs, crafted from handpicked fabrics and textiles sourced from Oaxaca, Mexico. Each piece in the collection tells a tale of tradition, artistry, and sustainability, with the LPC team personally guiding attendees through the inspiration behind each design. Discover the cultural significance woven into every stitch and feel the connection to a global community that values craftsmanship and ethical practices.

LPC event

As LPC looks toward 2024, a world of opportunities awaits. The brand is excited to participate in the prestigious Miami fashion show in March 2024, where it will captivate the audience with its latest collections and continue to redefine the boundaries of conscious luxury fashion. LPC envisions expanding its efforts to empower more women artisans, bolster its philanthropic initiatives, and inspire a global movement of women supporting women.

Leticia and Breanne wearing the Teresa Lambskin Trench in black and cream.


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