We sat down recently with Stephanie Stock, a certified trauma-informed yoga teacher, fitness model, and creative storyteller. She also appeared in our Spring/Summer 2023 launch and we had such a great time working with her.

Stephanie fills us in on how she taps into feeling beautiful from the inside out and overcomes the standard of beauty pressure as a model.

Tell us a little bit about yourself? How did you fall in love with Yoga and Pilates?

I always say that I came to teaching by accident but when I think about it, it was always destined for me. I recently went home to clean up my storage from high school and I found old pilates DVDS and I laughed that it never dawned on me that I've been doing this my entire life! The things we're called to aren't random and when I look back, I realize that mindful movement has always been a pattern in my life. I first started practicing yoga 12 years ago. After running track and field for 12 years my hips and joints had had enough and I found myself in a hot room for 90 minutes, moving my body so that I could still my mind. I was hooked! What I love about yoga is that the practice evolves with me. I started in a hot room, craving the discipline the heat offers and now, I love practicing outdoors in nature. The things I enjoy most about my current practice is the energy and discernment I experience when I'm on my mat. I'm able to sit with my body and know exactly what she needs. Our bodies are constantly changing, when we move mindfully, we can be fully present and take part in that change. It's empowering! 

How do you tap into self-love and take time for yourself? What advice would you give other women?

Self love is ever evolving because I'm evolving. My favorite part about practicing self love is that it requires me to be present, my yoga practice and meditation help with that. For me, self love isn't a fancy ritual of baths but it's as simple as checking in with myself, asking what I need, and not judging myself for what it needs in the moment. Sometimes it's a nap, sometimes a massage or time with someone I love. I don't think self love has to be all affirmations and positive talk, although that is part of my ritual too. I highly recommend the book radical compassion by Tara Brach. I was first introduced to Brach's work during a trauma-informed yoga teacher training and it shifted my perspective on what self love looks like. 


What is your go-to summer style this year? Your must-have pieces? How will you wear LPC this summer?

For the first time in a long time, I'm inviting play into my wardrobe. It could be because we're finally out from the shadow of the pandemic or maybe because athleisure has become more versatile. I'm a storyteller first and foremost. When I teach a class, I'm co-creating a story with the bodies on the mat.  I think of personal style as telling a story. I'm in a transition right now and I'm having fun using my personal style to tell my story. I'm obsessed with the Annie Hoodie Dress. It's perfect to wear day or night. 

As a model how do you overcome the standard of beauty pressure? What are your tips for feeling good from the inside out?

I've grown up in the modeling industry, stepping in front of the camera at age 11. I'm proud of how far this industry has come with inclusivity, but we have a long way to go before we make inclusivity equitable and sustainable. The body is such a powerful thing, to reduce our bodies and its value to how it looks is disgraceful in my opinion. Yet, that's what we've been taught to do for so long. It's a job perk, that taking care of yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually brings out the beautiful parts which in turn means I attract more work and abundance. That's a truth that I believe exists for everyone, in every industry. There is no pressure for me to be beautiful, I already am. Tapping into that beauty requires me to be my best self and I love that being on camera requires that I handle myself with the utmost care. For me, that looks like managing gut health, with probiotics, managing my mental health with meditation and managing my physical health with movement. It takes work to be beautiful! But I know I'm worth it so I put the work in, and enjoy that my beauty goes beyond skin deep. 

Are you traveling this summer or have any adventures planned?

I'm looking forward to visiting family in Wisconsin this summer and enjoying trips near LA. I just returned from Australia and have plans to go to Europe in the fall, so I'm looking forward to a summer stay in LA with local travel. I've lived in LA for 5 years and I'm amazed by how much California has to offer.

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