La Peony Clothing is more than just a sustainable fashion company. The stories and narratives of women that contributed to our personal and professional journeys make our brand different from the rest.

Susan Bell is not only the mother of LPC Co-Founder Melony. She's a therapist by day and an artist in her spare time. Many of her paintings have made their way into private art collections across Pennsylvania, Washington, and California.



Live Your Dreams

"Though I have not always produced art, I believe in retrospect that I have always been an artist," she said. "I see things through the way things are lit or the movement, smell, and feel in my external world."

During her professional career, Susan has worked across emergency rooms, jails, and outpatient clinics to support herself and her children. She started painting as a way to relax but soon discovered the joy of capturing the emotions and soulfulness of others on canvas. 


"My philosophy has been toward the evolution of the spirit; I currently have a private practice in Mental Health and use art in therapy." Susan is invested in the next generation of children, and works with them in supporting their free expression in the art process. 

She remains a firm believer in living your dreams to the fullest and sat down with us to share her take on life and embracing change.


Q: How has painting, or practicing art therapy changed your life long-term?
A: "During my 20's I developed a panic disorder. Picking up a paintbrush helped regulate my emotions.

Art is a meditative practice. It helps brush the dust off one's soul and see with new eyes. The world and people are complex, and I look for authenticity in myself and others. It is what I paint into my work."

Q: What favorite quote or words do you live by?
A: "I have a system by which I honor the things I care about, the things I cannot change, and that which is none of my business. My fuck it bucket can get pretty full. I tell myself I will be okay, and failure only happens if you give up!"

Q: What is your biggest accomplishment or moment as an artist?
A: "The momentous moment for me is when I can execute the idea I have about something onto the canvas. There is no finer feeling than one of mastery for me."


Q: What is a piece of advice you would give to someone?
A: "My advice to others is to live your dream. As you envision it, pay attention to the process. Who you run into along the path of life matters.

We all change just a little and sometimes a lot by who we meet. But don't get distracted when you fall off your bike. Get up and mount that bike. It's okay to cry along the way, but keep moving in the direction of your dreams."

Q: What was your most memorable vacation with friends and family?
A: "While there are many important moments and vacations in my life, I remember the last time with my family in Costa Rica. So many rich moments, but it was the first time I pushed myself to ride a recreational vehicle and do a zip line. Wondered why I waited so long, but the reason was probably fear! Don't let fear get in the way."

Q: On a trip, where are we most likely to find you?
A: "The most likely place to find me is on the dance floor if there is music. Otherwise, I usually talk to someone poolside or wherever the action is."


Q: What is the most liberating thing about this stage in your life?
A: "The best thing about being my age is the realization that I am in charge of what I choose to think and feel. That is a liberation-believe me. Every day is a gift, a new start, and the possibility of a beautiful day of my own making."


Mom, wife, sister, friend, business owner, volunteer. These are just a few of our highlights as life-long friends. For over 30 years, we have shared many of life's journeys and have always held tightly to the notion that life is a beautiful gift and should be about collecting moments.

We have designed and curated an exclusive collection to empower all women to live life fully and dress boldly.

At a time when women of all ages and backgrounds are redefining what it means to be feminine, their clothing should help them celebrate their beauty and power.

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