You know what they say - retail therapy is the best therapy! La Peony Clothing (LPC) aims to make women feel great about what they buy and wear without compromising quality, fit, and versatility. People and the planet are too important to overlook, and at LPC, no garment is made without considering these points.

As a sustainable fashion brand, LPC delivers clothing you'll be proud to wear while joining the movement to decrease the fashion industry's negative environmental impact. The pandemic has greatly impacted the way people see fashion. Globally, more consumers are embracing climate positivity post-pandemic and becoming environmentally conscious, according to a 2021 survey by Conde' Nast Global Custom Insights Team. At the heart of 2020 and 2021, people's intent to buy eco-friendly staples to add to their wardrobes increased significantly.

What is Sustainable Fashion?

Sustainable fashion is the practice of creating clothing using textiles and fabrics that are manufactured responsibly. As women search for elevated essentials and eco-friendly designs, they are assessing ethical brands by their ability to: 

  • Prevent Pollution
  • Reduce Waste 
  • Lessen their carbon footprint 
  • Save water in the production process
  • Ensure safe and honest working conditions for all 

There are two forms of sustainable fashion: clean and ethical. Products considered clean incorporate environmentally conscious fibers and dye. This results in clothing that is healthier for the people wearing and producing the garments by minimizing exposure to harmful chemicals.

Love for the planet

Ethical fashion is designed, produced, and distributed in a way that focuses on reducing harm to people and the planet. At LPC, we want to be sustainable and ethical while honoring the culture and heritage of textile artisans worldwide. 

Why this is an important cause

Founders Melony and De Anne have a hand in all aspects of production, from design to manufacturing, transport, and final sale. The first collection supports female artisans in Oaxaca, Mexico, who create beautiful organic hand-woven textiles used as trims or incorporated throughout the collection.

Textile Artisan

"From the beginning, honoring people and the planet was our central focus," De Anne said. "With these goals in mind, we agreed that we should become a slow fashion company."  "Slow fashion doesn't mean we make things slowly, though!" Melony said.

"We design and create styles that will last for years, made from materials that feel great and are environmentally friendly. Further, supporting artisans and their families and love for the planet is at our core."

We Believe in Slow Fashion! 

LPC is passionate about slow fashion. The rise of inexpensive, low-quality clothing and footwear has been a big trend, attempting to mirror luxury clothing using synthetic materials. In doing so, the demands have contributed to harmful working conditions without fair wages and the pressure to deliver new items at record-breaking speed. 

"Our partnerships with female textile artisans worldwide are an essential element of our slow fashion focus," De Anne said. Fashion is one of the most labor-intensive industries, with a higher percentage of women working for less than a living wage.  

"We started with Oaxaca but intend to continue searching the globe to find the highest quality hand-woven textiles made from organic fibers naturally dyed with elements derived from the earth. This process is time-consuming but creates one-of-a-kind pieces that will be worthwhile, treasured, and, in return, will feel good to wear." Supporting global artisans is a core element of our brand. 

Each purchase helps contribute to women working with LPC, with a portion of profits devoted to creating a positive impact in their lives. Sustainability and eco-friendliness are woven throughout all our processes without compromising the aesthetics or quality of our designs.

Together We Can Transform The Industry 

As Founders, "we focus more on quality than quantity, ensuring your garments stand the test of time, wear after wear."

La Peony Clothing operates on a smaller scale and is manufactured in sunny Southern California in an effort to control quality and ensure manufacturing conditions are to standard for our goals and values.  

"We're passionate about helping women look and feel fabulous and contributing to the greater good. The shutdown gave us the chance to pursue this goal," Melony said. "La Peony was born when we stepped back from everyday life and entirely focused on a world where our dreams of using clothing to increase women's confidence and benefit the planet became a reality. Confidence, Kindness, and Lifestyle are able to coexist and at LPC, our goal is to spread this message." 

It can be difficult to find clothes that fit well and look flattering for many women while also being comfortable enough to wear all day. La Peony is a brand that represents an effortless and unique style for any day or night and travel. 

De Anne's inspiration sprouted from real-life experience and dynamic lifestyle changes. "As our families grew up, Melony and I still wanted to be confident and effortless airport fashionistas when we traveled. We wanted clothing we could feel good about buying and wearing, whether we were planning a night out, a trip abroad, or even a trip to the store." 


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